Black and white truffle: fine Tuscan specialities

As not delight your palate with these beautiful and fragrant jewels that nature gives us throughout the year … yes, because there are truffles in all seasons and Tuscany is where you can find all 9 edible species. NEWS! >> The Tuscan truffle specialities

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Tartufi Rabitti - Dalla natura con amore...

Essentially the truffles are divided into two broad categories: white truffles and black truffles.
The most valuable (and therefore more expensive) are the white truffle (tuber magnatum pico) and the pregiato black truffle (tuber melanosporum vittadini); the first is found throughout the autumn time (september to december), while the second one from mid-november until mid-march.
As mentioned above, however, there are truffles throughout the year, except for the month of may (as regional law), in which it’s not possible going in search of fragrant mushrooms (ebbene yes, truffles are mushrooms and not tubers).

Here are the species with which I can satisfy my clients that, constantly, require me small and large quantities of these wonderful “precious gems”:

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