A particular territory, “Calzalunga” (or how was called in ancient Casale Longo) at Suvereto, with small areas intended to lead a great product… a dive to history, where already Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, chose this place to realize her summer residence and may drink “the good wine of Casal Longo“, as reported old texts … an agriculture made of dexterity, non-invasive, where most of the operations are carried out by hand. These are the ingredients that Flavio Rabitti has wanted mix to give rise to a small production reality in the heart of Tuscany.

«In my farm, a few dozen of kilometers from Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, I work mainly for the production of Wine (Red and White I.G.T. Tuscan and Val di Cornia D.O.C.) and Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil I.G.P. Tuscanof superior quality.

In addition, in woodlands located in other parts of Tuscany and attached to the business property, grow naturally fragrant and precious white and black truffles that I check personally with help of my faithful four-legged friend and market for the pleasure of my loyal customers .

But what is the superior quality I am talking about?

Each of us has its own concept of quality, so it is difficult have an objective definition to be taken as a reference. What I think is that the quality can be achieved keeping low production quantities, fertilizing crops in the most possible natural way and thus avoiding synthetic fertilizers (chemical); using biodiversity to help keep under control the various diseases and weeds (no herbicides!), following the plan every minute of its development and carrying out most of the tasks manually.

What you get by mixing judiciously these “ingredients” is a 100% natural product, with its own identity, genuine, hand-crafted… of superior quality